Penetration Testing

Detect, Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities

See first-hand how CYBRI can find vulnerabilities within your network.

The global average cost of a data breach in 2019 was $3.92 million. Recovering from a security breach can be financially devastating for many companies — alongside regulatory fines, loss of customer trust, and brand reputational damage.
The CYBRI Red Team conducts penetration testing via a simulated real-world attack to test your organization’s network for exploitable vulnerabilities. Utilizing a consistent and complete methodology, our Red Team experts can pinpoint exploitable areas where an attacker could break into your network.
CYBRI’s custom penetration testing goes much deeper than a vulnerability scan. It can help detect, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities — before cybercriminals exploit them.
Our Red Team experts + CYBRI Blue Box technology won’t let network threats go undetected.

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• An in-depth assessment of your business infrastructure
• Discover unnoticed security risks (before the hackers do)
• Discover vulnerabilities that may not be identified by automated tools
• The possibility of success of attack vectors
• The ability of the security controls to detect and defend the attack
• The impact on the organization if the attack is successful
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• Custom penetration tests performed by the CYBRI Red Team (the top five percent of CYBRI experts) consist of the nation’s top white-hat ethical hackers, the majority of whom are OSCP, GIAC, CISSP, and CEH certified
• Blue Box technology that utilizes data-rich dashboards, clean reports, team collaboration, remediation tracking, on-demand testing, and historical data analysis
• Meets PCI, HIPAA, and SOC-2 compliance requirements
Our Red Team experts + CYBRI Blue Box technology delivers answers you can act on.
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