Find vulnerabilities before the hackers do

The CYBRI Penetration Testing Service provides businesses with a rapid and in-depth assessment of critical business infrastructure.

Our Solution

The CYBRI Red Team, which is the top five percent of CYBRI experts, performs a custom penetration test of your infrastructure. CYBRI Red Team consists of the nation’s top white-hat ethical hackers, the majority of whom are OSCP, GIAC, CISSP, and CEH certified. All testing is done by CYBRI Red Team to ensure OWASP top 10 coverage as well as additional human intellect testing that can only be achieved with our Red Team members.

Our penetration tests range from

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Web App

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Mobile App

Picture for Cloud


Picture for IOT


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Our Platform

CYBRI developed their own technology, called Blue Box, which helps businesses and experts stay on the same page when it comes to testing. Instead of receiving an old-school, expensive, and low-quality PDF report, as a CYBRI client, you will use a simple dashboard with team collaboration functionality to help you maintain the highest level of accuracy.

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CYBRI Blue Box

CYBRI built its own data-centric technology to provide the most seamless and accurate pen test process. Follow the progress and take action as our team discovers new findings. Visibility and transparency is what we value.

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As a CYBRI client, you’ll always receive clean and easy to understand reports for your executive and technical teams. Now your C -level and technical executives can finally get on the same page and appreciate cybersecurity together.

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Collaborative Testing

CYBRI Red Team typically consists of 2-3 qualified experts assigned to your project. The experts test your infrastructure for threats from all potential angles and report the findings into one centralized dashboard. Sounds interesting, right? Give it a try.

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Our full list of features include

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How it Works

CYBRI Pen Tests are on-demand hacker-powered penetration tests performed by 1 or 2 Red Team members. You pay a fixed price for your test and we do the rest. You can always increase the frequency.

Discovery Red Team in Action Reporting Collaboration Retest Repeat


We spend a week or more preparing before we execute. We will collect the needed information from you and your team to make sure that the right assets are being tested and the right team is assigned.

Red Team in Action

CYBRI Red Team members will start testing your infrastructure and will ensure coverage of OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. They will utilize their own techniques to ensure the highest levels and standards of testing.


After each finding is verified by our Red Team members, they get submitted into your dashboard and report. Upon completion of each test, you will have a clear report that can be shared with executive and technical members as well as your clients.


Communicate with CYBRI Red Team members about your vulnerabilities and assign the vulnerabilities for remediation to your team members; all directly in our platform. Our platform has a clear collaboration functionality to help your team with remediation of the findings.


Once the findings have been remediated by your team and the time is right to retest your technology, you can easily do so by scheduling a new test with us or by purchasing an annual package of multiple tests.


Improve risk posture and decrease the liability of your organization. Asses the cybersecurity and risk of your organization on an annual engagement basis with the top five percent of the nation’s cybersecurity talent, the CYBRI Red Team.



Our reports are clear, easy to read, and simple to understand. You can share the summary PDF documents with your internal and external stakeholders. The report can be used in the PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliance requirements assessment process. Request a sample report.


Methodologies & Scope

The Cybri Pen Testing methodology starts with the pre-testing meetings between the Red Team experts and the client’s internal team to establish a well-defined scope and communication chain. After the scope is defined, the next phase is a vulnerability assessment during which the threat landscape is mapped. We will then crack any gathered credentials and exploit all discovered vulnerabilities. Throughout the testing, clients will have access to all discoveries and can ask questions at any time. After the completion of the testing, there will be a question and answer session to help the internal team understand and mitigate the vulnerabilities.


  • Pre-Engagement Walkthrough
  • Passive and Active Intelligence Gathering
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Credential Harvesting and Cracking
  • (Optional) Exploitation and Privilege Escalation
  • Speciality Testing (Bluetooth, Wireless, HVAC and IoT Control System(s), Physical)
  • Reporting and Documentation (Constantly Updated and Visible)
  • Post-Test Review
  • (Optional) Remediation and Retesting


  • Defined to IPs, URLs, and limited infrastructure by client
  • Test is announced to the CYBRI Red Team
  • Identify and verify vulnerabilities
  • Identify default and misconfigurations
  • Identify weaknesses

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