Penetration Testing for Financial Services

Not all pen tests are created equal. CYBRI provides manual penetration testing services to uncover vulnerabilities across the broad attack surfaces of critical financial and banking infrastructures — before the hackers do.

Not all pen tests are created equal. CYBRI provides manual penetration testing services to uncover vulnerabilities across the broad attack surfaces of critical financial and banking infrastructures — before the hackers do.


According to a recent report from Bitglass, the financial services industry contributed 62 percent of leaked records during 2019, with an average cost of $210 per breached record. The price for mega breaches (affecting 100M or more), such as Capital One, is much higher at $388 per record.


The financial sector encompasses a wide range of industries. Banks, credit unions, credit and payment processing companies, insurance firms, investment companies, and real estate companies are all vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks.


CYBRI penetration testing moves beyond the constraints of automated scanning. Our Red Team provides real-world attacks against your infrastructure from the perspective of an adversary.

Pen testing reveals weak infrastructure spots and identifies exploitable vulnerabilities within financial services. Testing defense structures in a manually-intensive, structured, and controlled way can uncover hidden cyber risks.

The Challenges Faced by the Financial Industry

Potential Impacts in the financial industry:


  • Financial service downtime
  • Operational losses
  • Compliance and PCI fines
  • Reputation, customer trust, and brand Impacts
  • Data breach legal fees and lawsuits

Methodologies & Scope

In complex financial environments, it is crucial to understand which areas to test in order to receive meaningful results. Once all areas for testing within the network are determined, the scope becomes clearly defined.


The next phase examines the needs of the organization through a vulnerability assessment, where we map the threat landscape.


Once the mapping of the threat landscape is complete, our Red Team experts examine the organization’s critical assets for configuration flaws and exploitable vulnerabilities. They identify potential weaknesses within the financial network.


Throughout the testing phase, clients have access to all discoveries and can ask questions at any time. After the completion of the testing, there is a question and answer session to help the internal financial team understand and mitigate all discovered vulnerabilities.

Pen Testing Features and Benefits

CYBRI provides client, incident-driven, and compliance pen testing.


Features of our pen testing services:


  • On-demand testing
  • Team collaboration
  • Data-rich dashboards
  • Clean reports
  • Historical data analysis
  • Remediation tracking


Benefits of our pen testing services


  • Uncover vulnerabilities in your network
  • View a thorough analysis of discovered vulnerabilities
  • Test the effectiveness of your defenses
  • Meet compliance requirements


Pen testing helps financial organizations minimize security risks and meet compliance guidance security standards by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), and others.


CYBRI reports are clear, easy to read, and simple to understand. You can share the summary PDF documents with your internal and external stakeholders. This report is applicable for the PCI and SOC 2 compliance requirements assessment process.

Why Choose CYBRI for Your Next Penetration Test?

Utilizing a consistent and complete methodology, our Red Team experts pinpoint vulnerable areas of your network that a hacker might use to compromise sensitive company data.

Our team of security experts aspires to assist you in:

  • Identifying technology and security feature flaws present within your infrastructure
  • Understanding your organization’s vulnerabilities, threats, and risks
  • Addressing the potential damage of uncovered vulnerabilities and assisting with remediation

CYBRI Blue Box Technology

We developed our own Blue Box technology so that collaboration between your organization and our experts is transparent and seamless.


Blue Box features include data-rich dashboards, clean reports, remediation tracking, on-demand testing, and historical data analysis.


Red Team experts coupled with CYBRI Blue Box technology can help your organization find vulnerabilities in your systems before the bad actors do.

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