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The CYBRI Red Team provides elite cybersecurity professionals in the US to businesses to help protect their


Who are They?

The CYBRI Red Team consists of the top five percent of CYBRI’s network. They are a group of highly vetted ethical hackers in the US. Hire them to expose the most critical vulnerabilities in your organization and expose the risk that could have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Highly Vetted

All of CYBRI’s Red Team members undergo a thorough vetting process where their identities, backgrounds, references, and skills are verified.

Heavily Experienced

All of our Red Team members have extensive experience in the industry. Most of our Red Team members have 10+ years of experience finding, discovering, and remediating vulnerabilities to help companies become more secure.

Extraordinarily Skilled

Skills are critical when it comes to cybersecurity. The majority of CYBRI Red Team members are OSCP, GIAC, CISSP, and CEH certified. Many of our members worked in the US Army and Fortune 500 companies.

US Veterans

US Army Veterans represent a large number of US-based cybersecurity experts. Their skills and experiences are extremely valuable when it comes to assessing an organization’s cybersecurity risk posture.

Thank you for your service!

We truly value and respect CYBRI Red Team members who are US veterans. US veterans have on-hands experience and bring years of industry knowledge to any mission or project they are assigned to at CYBRI. We work with the best and the most experienced veterans with whom our mission aligns –– “continue growing our ongoing effort to bring transparency and the needed protection to all US businesses”.

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Selection Process

We demand the best and value quality over quantity. Our group is highly efficient and experienced. We bring only the top-in-class cybersecurity experts to the table.

Application Review

Every applicant submits an application that provides a deep understanding of the skills, experience, certifications, and education at hand. Each application is reviewed internally and the best applications are selected to move to the next phase.


Each applicant goes through an in-person live interview with CYBRI’s internal team members, who are also experienced cybersecurity experts. During the interview, experts are asked to provide references and are asked sophisticated questions to assess their level of knowledge in the space. During the interview we also verify the identity of each applicant.

Skill Assessment

CYBRI’s Red Team members hold the most sophisticated, hands-on, and coveted certifications that require a unique skill set and acute intellect. Each applicant’s certification is verified by CYBRI’s internal teams and added to their profile.

Background Check

Each applicant who has passed the skill and certification assessment then undergoes a background check to prevent any potential criminal activity on the network. We take our members seriously and treat them with respect. We always work with the best ethical hackers in the nation.


Our average acceptance rate is five percent. We are not looking to increase our acceptance rate. We value quality over quantity. Work with the best and feel the difference.

Benefits of Working with CYBRI Red Team

The most critical aspects of your business deserve the most talented cybersecurity and data privacy experts. Uncover vulnerabilities in your applications, networks, hardware, and personnel. Remediate the risk of exposing your most important assets. Only do it with the nation’s top team of ethical hackers.

War Games

Like in real life, CYBRI Red Team members can be hired to attack your organization’s networks and system to test your blue team’s defense capabilities.

Penetration Testing

CYBRI Red Team is a hacker-powered program that combines tools and manual testing to uncover and fix vulnerabilities that could bring risk to your most critical digital assets.

Physical Security

CYBRI’s Red Team members can be hired to assess how well your physical facilities, offices, and other critical locations protect your digital and physical assets.


CYBRI Red Team members can help your organization become a safer place by remediating your vulnerabilities, patching your computers, and training your employees.

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I am an attorney who represents thousands of people in the 9/11 community. CYBRI helped my company resolve several cybersecurity issues. I definitely recommend working with CYBRI.
Michael B.
Managing Partner, Barasch & McGarry
I’m using CYBRI and have been very impressed with the experience and quality of the experts and CYBRI’s customer service. It has been a super seamless process that I’m happy and pleased with – I recommend CYBRI to all businesses.
Tim O.
CEO at Cylera
I hired CYBRI to help my company with various cybersecurity services, specifically HIPAA and CCPA. I have been satisfied with the quality of work performed by the cybersecurity expert. The customer service is excellent. I would recommend CYBRI for all of your cybersecurity needs.
Sergio V.
CTO at

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