HIPPA Penetration Testing

With the deluge of healthcare security incidents and data breaches to information systems last year, mere vulnerability scanning for HIPAA compliance is no longer sufficient. A variety of PCI and HIPAA compliant security policies and assessments like risk analysis, penetration tests, vulnerability scans, security testing, and nontechnical evaluation are regulations that are a requirement for complete protection. 


A recent report by HIPAA Journal (December 20, 2019) shows an alarming uptick in theft and data breaches across the healthcare landscape. Nearly 39 million healthcare data breaches were reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Civil Rights (OCR) by the end of November 2019. This is more than double of 2018’s breaches.  This means HIPAA security is lacking and periodic technical inspection is necessary. Being a covered entity means you need to be sure that you keep up on standard HIPAA security rule requirements,  security controls, and security measures. Covered entities that work with a business associate you need to be sure that the associate has a contract stating they will follow security rule as well.  They may have to participate in a HIPAA penetration test or HIPAA penetration testing. Cybercriminals can easily exploit vulnerabilities and data security. A hacker can obtain protected health information on patients and clients like social security numbers, insurance information, healthcare records, cardholder data, and credit card data. It is important to be able to guarantee confidentiality to patients.

HIPPA Penetration Testing Overview

Your organization must be proactive about cybersecurity. If cybercriminals were to target your organization, being prepared could be the difference between the life or death of your business. Think of it as an insurance policy. . Cybercriminals know that healthcare organizations can’t afford to have their systems go down, so the consequences of a cyber breach are catastrophic.


Two questions that healthcare organizations must ask:

  1. What avenues will cyber criminals pursue to break into my network?
  2. Will they be successful?


The CYBRI red team conducts HIPPA pen testing through a simulated real-world attack to test your organization’s network for exploitable vulnerabilities. Utilizing a strategic methodology, our Red Team experts will pinpoint the weak areas in  your network.


The Red Team will determine:

  • The possibility of attack success
  • Vulnerabilities that are unidentifiable by automated tools
  • Severe vulnerabilities
  • The ability of the security controls to detect and defend the attack
  • The consequences of a successful attack 


The CYBRI Red Team consists of the top five percent of CYBRI’s network.


Our members are:

  • Highly vetted — Verified identity, background, references, and skills.
  • Profoundly experienced — Most Red Team members are security professionals that have 10+ years of experience in finding, discovering, and remediating vulnerabilities to help companies gain insight and become more secure from hackers.
  • AcutelySkilled — The majority of Red Team members are OSCP, GIAC, CISSP, and CEH certified. Many of our members worked in the U.S. Army and at Fortune 500 companies. The complexity and importance of this requires our members to have the utmost expertise which makes them more than qualified to complete a HIPAA penetration test.

Our HIPAA penetration testing includes web apps, server/host, mobile apps, cloud technology, IoT, and API.

HIPPA Pen Testing Compliance Requirements

By law, your organization needs to be 100 percent compliant with HIPAA security and still be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security risks. Here’s where manual penetration testing can gauge the effectiveness of company security controls and uncover ePHI vulnerabilities.

Last year’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report discovered that healthcare organizations had great difficulty retaining customers following a data breach due to information being stolen. The industry experienced an abnormal customer turnover rate of 7 percent versus an average of 3.9 percent without a data breach.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • For the ninth year in a row, healthcare organizations had a cost of $6.45 million associated with data and information breaches – over 60 percent higher than the global average of all industries.
  • The average cost per breached healthcare record increased to $429 per record – substantially higher than the average of $150 per breached record in other industries.
  • It took 236 days for healthcare organizations to identify a breach and an average of 83 days to contain it.


For security and regulatory compliance, penetration testing is considered a best practice for excellent cyber-hygiene. If you do not probe your network, you may never find the insecure, dormant, or unknown systems that are operating in the shadows of your organization.

The healthcare industry swims in a valuable ocean of PHI data. Healthcare data such as protected health information and other vulnerabilities are some of the most profitable targets for cybercriminals.

Our CYBRI Red Team performs custom penetration testing of your organization’s entire infrastructure.

CYBRI Blue Box Technology HIPAA Penetration Test

We developed our own Blue Box technology that is reasonable and appropriate so that collaboration between your organization and our experts is transparent and seamless. Our security experts will provide an assessment with a checklist to detect any possible threats to the integrity of your devices and security systems such as technologies, cookies, cookie settings, network access, system security, software, browser, firewalls, networks, servers, and applications.

We will also be able to find security holes and weaknesses with a vulnerability assessment. Vulnerability assessments consist of pen testing, a vulnerability scan, security safeguards, and risk management. The implementation of these procedures and tools are extremely important for your healthcare organization. Any discovery of results that is found by the tester as issues or hacking will be handled, the hacker/attacker will be removed from your system.

Blue Box features include data-rich dashboards, clean reports, remediation tracking, on-demand testing, and historical data analysis.

Red Team experts, coupled with CYBRI Blue Box technology, are a great option for monitoring and will help your organization find vulnerabilities before the cyber criminals do. Our experts offer the validation needed to make you and your organization feel 100% secured.

Other Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Compliance Resources

See first-hand how CYBRI can find vulnerabilities within your network.

The global average cost of a data breach in 2019 was $3.92 million. Recovering from a security breach can be financially devastating for many companies — alongside regulatory fines, loss of customer trust, and brand reputational damage.


The CYBRI Red Team conducts penetration testing via a simulated real-world
attack to test your organization’s network for exploitable vulnerabilities. Utilizing a consistent and complete methodology, our Red Team experts can pinpoint exploitable areas where an attacker could break into your network.


CYBRI’s custom penetration testing goes much deeper than a vulnerability scan. It can help detect, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities — before cybercriminals exploit them.


Our Red Team experts + CYBRI Blue Box technology won’t let network threats go undetected.

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